Saturday, November 26

Bettie Ballhaus stripping

Sometimes we wish Bettina Ballhaus had been a stripper here in Miami, FL. I can only imagine getting out of work, driving 5 minutes to the local strip joint only to enjoy those fabuluous young tits bouncing on my face during a phenomenal boobalistic lap dance, being crushed under the brute force of her mammas. I would not mind dying by sheer sophocation from one of her nipple attacks or drowning under a flood of Bettie's milk showering.

Discoverer of Nadine Jansen (an event that ranks with Columbus discovering the new world) Bettie has trimmed down since her early days as Bettina. Even so, her body still looks voluptuous and sexy. Last year, she made several appearances on the German TV talk show Ware Liebe. A model since she was 16, Bettie performs at dance clubs and at private parties, and from some of the photos we've seen of her in action, she puts on a hot show. Her tour is called Bettie Ballhaus and the Erotik Devils", the Erotik Devils being two other hotties. In one segment, Bettie gets a guy to lie down on the floor barechested. She places a sheet of paper on his chest, paints her bare boobs, then gets on top of him. The paper is turned into one of her "brust paintings."
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